Friday, 15 June 2007


For the past few days I've been travelling through the rather hilly Northern Region of Malawi. In some places the forest is interrupted by impressive large rock domes (one is called "The Elephant"). The villages are more isolated than in the central region (and Zambia), and although the children still called to me they sometimes seemed a bit nervous. I've even made a few babies cry (perhaps due to my scruffy appearance). A number of times children have asked me my name as I passed, just in case I'm an important character from the Bible (there are numerous mission churches here). Then again, some guy was convinced that I'm Chuck Norris (so there are some old violent movies around as well). Bicycles abound in the villages, but I've seldom met a cyclist out on the open road (mean hills!). From Llilongwe I've travelled North along the "inland" road as far as Mzuzu, and then down to Nkhata Bay on the shores of Lake Malawi (lush and beautiful). I now intend to take a bit of a "holiday cycle" South along the shores of the Lake. Distances since Chipata were: Llilongwe 144 k; Mponela 73 k; Nkhamenya 131 k; Chikangawu 99 k; Mzuzu 82 k; and Nkhata Bay 52 k.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ernest,
Well done chap, youre doing a hell of a job, and having a blast, no doubt! We`re thinking of you and admire your guts for getting so far. The golfs not improving much, but still having fun. I`m just fathoming this blog thing out so once I do, I hope to take a good example from yours, which looks very good.
Keep well and take care.

peterz said...

Hi Ernie
Eddie and Peter Z here. Hows it going. Missed u on Comrades - thought u would cycle down for the run- ha,ha. Yo should by now have a girlfriend/wife in ever country by now. Eddie now refers to u as 'Ernest Cecil Rhodes' - the great white sangoma. Have u played any golf with the chiefs lately.
Whats with the beard - trying to impress the chicks are you - get them to plait some beads in - you could look quite cool.
Ok Ernie - see u and enjoy
Eddie and PeterZ

Kathy said...

Hello Ernest
It's really great following your blog. Beats work any day!!! Missed watching you come in at Comrades but you will be pleased to know that we kept the flag flying and all our runners finished. Take care and safe traveling always.
Lots of love
Kathy and David