Thursday, 29 March 2007


We left from Tableview beachfront in Cape Town on Tuesday morning (eventually). Thank you to everyone who came to see us off (see picture).
Leana still had some business in CT during the day, so I cycled to Kleinmond where she met up with me that evening. I covered 115 km on the day. I would like to thank the guy from the Seafood Deli in Kleinmond for delivering my backpack to me at the camp site (after I'd forgotten it in his shop - and by the way, his fried fish is really worth trying).
Yesterday we only did 38km to Hermanus (second picture), where we had lunch with my sister Olga. We stayed overningt in Dave & Kathy's holiday flat (thanks a lot). Once I get this internet thing sorted out we will carry on towards Gansbaai. We need to be in Stil Bay on 3 April, so my next post may be from there.

Monday, 26 March 2007


The obvious question is: "Will this contraption fly?" Another question may be: "Where does the pilot sit?"

Anyway, I thought I'd just illustrate why I may not be at the starting point on time (if I ever make the 2 k's there). Just to add to the excitement, there is a howling SE wind (incidentally the direction I intend to go). I hope you all have a good day tomorrow as well.
I'll probably be leaving on my own tomorrow, as Leana still has some business to do tomorrow (she should join me tomorrow night - does this have something to do with the wind?).

Thursday, 22 March 2007


As shown in the picture, my horse is "lean and keen" (his master is just keen). After R2000 for service and spares the horse had better be in perfect condition. I hope the stainless steel carriers (which I had made) will be strong enough to carry the heavy load which I have stacked up to take along. Perhaps I'll have to sort through those things again and throw some stuff out.

Currently it seems that I will be leaving on Tuesday 27th at about 09h00 from the Tableview beachfront close to the info centre (in case anyone would like to see me off).

Wednesday, 21 March 2007


Well, things are winding down now. Yesterday I played my final golf game and invited some friends with whom I've played golf over the years. First prize (and all prizes) was my golf clubs, but there were no takers! We played at Milnerton in perfect weather (but that didn't do anything to help my game - in fact it proved that it was time to bury my clubs).
Here are pictures of some of the players (sorry to Botha, Wickus, and Graham - the photographer messed up - so no photo). Thanks to all who participated.