Monday, 18 January 2016


Been back in south Florida since December, at Paradise Farm once again. Will update later. In the mean time please see the previous post, as eventually I have put on some pics! Distances cycled on my final stint in Asia in 2015 are as follows:- From Chiang Khong on the Mekon in NW Thailand to Yuan Hom 55 km; Taha Ngam 55 km; Charoen Moean 62 km; Payo 67 km; Temple camp 75 km; Lamphang 61 km; Thoen 109 km; Hill Temple 98 km; Mae Sot 106 km; Tak 90 km; Sukhothai 95 km; Utteradit 123 km; Phitsanulok 109 km; Nakhon Sawan 140 km; Chayo 125 km; Ayuttaya 66 km; Pai Kwang 103 km; and Kanchanaburi 57 km. Total to this point is 134 041 km. But there is more! From Kanchanaburi to Samut Sakhon 81 km; Ban Pli 84 km; Pattya 99 km; Outskirts temple 80 km; Bangkok 51 km; Phitsanulok (train) 8 km; Sukhothai 67 km; Tak 82 km; Wang Chao 93 km; Kamphaeng Phet 67 km; Ban Khong Wiat 66 km; Uthai Thani 75 km; Chai Nat 81 km; Suphan Thani 91 km; U-Thong 77 km; and Kanchanaburi (again) 59 km. Total to this point is 135 202 km. Next days cycle was to Phetshaburi 69 km; Cha-Am 71 km; Hua Hin 31 km; and Bangkok (train) 12 km. Total cycled up to end 2015 is 135 385 km. I have had some requests (mostly from cyclists) to post a bigger version of my route map. Well, here it is, but I am no longer in the far East, I am in Florida USA. Good luck trying to figure out where that map leads, it is probably more of a maze!