Tuesday, 21 August 2007


I thought I'd left the poor roads behind in Mocambique, but that was wishful thinking. As a result I suffered my first puncture since leaving South Africa. At least they are busy building a new coastal road in Southern Tanzania, which has already been completed in sections. I stayed over in Mtwara for a few days to recover from some ailments, and got to enjoy the local lifestyle. There are few tourists in that part of the country, and the locals eat and drink at the many pavement café's. I also tend to buy most of my food from the local markets. The place I enjoyed the most was Lindi, where I could walk to the beach in the morning and buy fresh seafood live from the nets (including king-sized prawns). This bustling town is situated on the shore of a large lagoon. Kilwa Masoko was another place where I stayed over for more than one night. In most of these places I've rented a room, which I've found to be cheaper than camping. A room is also more secure, as I can lock the bike and all my equipment inside. Now I'm in the capital, Dar Es Salaam. I'm staying in the central part of the city, where the streets run at odd angles and the buildings all look the same. In the day that I've been here I've already been lost about 5 times. Amazingly, every time I just kept walking around and soon enough I've found myself at the hotel. Distances since Mtwara have been:- Lindi 112 km; Kilwani 122 km; Kilwa Matoro 81 km; Somanga 83 km; Kibiti 106 km; and Dar Es Salaam 139 km.


David Gassner said...

Hi Ernest, Chel and I were in Moshi this week and climbed Kilimanjaro. We thought you would be somewhere in Tanzania and talked about you often. Your blog is very interesting and I enjoy the updates. First puncture, wow. Thabang, who did lonely road ride to Kili can't remember how many he had. Fond regards, Dave and Chel Gassner

Anonymous said...

Hi Ernest,
I've enjoyed catching up with your experiences in Southern and East Africa so thank you for sharing these with us. I've moved on from Nigeria to Angola, so if for some insane reason you decide to try the other side of the continent, you can count on a place to rest and restore. Keep persevering and peddling. Best regards, Grant Harvey