Saturday, 15 September 2007


Three days in Nairobi, and I've gotten most of the things done which I'd intended to do. The bike (Saartjie) has been serviced, I have a visa for Ethiopia, I have a new map of N Africa, I have sandles again, I've done plenty of shopping and eating and drinking, and now I'm doing the internet thing as well. The most significant things en route from Tanzania to Kenya have been my sandles disappearing off the back of the bike (while I was on the bike changing money) at the border, and the chaotic Nairobi traffic for miles before reaching the city. Fortunately I was able to use my little GPS to find "Jungle Junction", where I'm camping. Chris, the German owner of JJ, repairs motorcyles so the place is very popular amongst that sector of travellers. As a result Old Saartjie finds herself in rather illustrious company. Travellers I've met here include Irishmen Sam and Hugh, and Rene from Canada (who I've bumped into twice before on my trip). I've also discovered that there is only a few days difference in age between Hugh and myself (Russian cyclist Uri, who I met in Zambia, was also my age). Perhaps some crazy travelling meteor crashed into earth around the time we were born? Here in Nairobi it's been raining most of the time, starting with a heavy storm soon after I arrived. As the GPS indicated that I was nearing my destination I tried to ask for specific directions, but to no avail. Some of those locals had a good laugh at the crazy Mzungu on a bicycle safari in the city, looking for a "Jungle". Distances since Arusha were:- Namanga 117 km; Kajiado 94 km; and Nairobi 87 km.


Janet said...

Hi Ernest
Am still following your adventures with fascination. I thought I'd come to the wrong blog, 'cos I didn't recognise you with that fluff on your face!! You'll soon look like the African adventure, Kingsley Holgate!!!
Keep pedalling and take care.

Sue & Simon Camp Itumela said...

Hi Ernest,good to see you still going strong and having a good time.Keep the air in your tyres and we will see you at the finish line.Cheers Sue,Simon Camp Itumela Palapye Botswana.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ernest, I'm still in Syria currently in Damascus but will have to go back home to get new passport, mine is full, have ordered a new one from here but it will take 6 weeks so will pick it up in Cape Town. Go well,