Wednesday, 7 November 2007


By the time most of you read this report I would have left Cape Town again after a 3 week fattening-up period. During this time I've seen most of my friends (plenty of braai's, so I've grown into my skin again). Apologies to those I did not see, I obviously didn't manage my time very well. I lost the beard, mainly because it was scaring those people closest to me. My bike (old Saartjie) has been given a new lease on life, thanks to Leon and Jaco at Cycle Maintenance Centre. Further thanks to CMC for their generous sponsorhip of spares and labour on the bike (new Sram components, Continental tyres, etc.) Thanks also to Canvas and Tent for replacing the poles on my Bushtec tent. Tomorrow I return to Addis Ababa, where I hope the rest of my belongings are still safely locked away. Leana will be joining me from Addis onwards, for the time being. We will probably spend the next week or so there, organising visas, etc. From experience I know that the internet in Ethiopia is too slow for me to post reports and photo's, so it may be a while before my next update. Please be patient! Thanks again to all those who leave comments on this site, or who send me e-mail.


Santie said...

Moet ons 'n rescue party uitstuur? Sien jy het 'n maand laas ge-post. Hoop als is nog wel.

Kathy said...

Hi Guys,
It was really great having you home for a while. I am glad that you managed to buy a razor while here!! Much better. Safe traveling Ernest and Leana and have a wonderful chrismas and new year.
Lots of love
David, Kathy and your West Coast Family