Friday, 21 May 2010


It took 2 days from Cape Town back to Bandung for Leana and me to resume our interrupted journey, and it took another 2 days before we were out of Bandung. We’d only taken the bikes with us, so I was a bit concerned about the rest of our gear which we’d left behind (stacked at the end of a passage in the hotel to where we would return). There was, however, no need for concern. Even though we were a week overdue our things were still neatly in place - exactly as we’d left them. Before we left the city we also paid a visit to a good bike shop where we both needed some last-minute work done to our bikes - see photo (amazing how big brand components such as Shimano can cost a fraction of the SA price elsewhere?!). More than a month of the leisurely gluttonous life in Cape Town had taken its toll. From the moment I heaved my fattened and softened backside out into the tropical sunshine I knew there was trouble, and the heavy pm showers since then have further helped to bring us back to earth. Just to rub it in, our budget accommodation on the first night turned out to be a brothel (not unusual), so we had the privilege of being kept awake by the mosque on the one side, and by the sounds of the “working ladies” on the other. For the past couple of days we’ve been cycling on small roads in an Easterly direction along the scenic South coast of Java. The other night we were relaxing in our simple room in the tiny beach resort of Cipatujah, when the walls and floor started moving around (also not unusual in this area). According to reports there was a 5.4 earthquake not far out to sea – fortunately no major damage or injury. Regarding our stay in Cape Town:- Thanks to everyone who had a part in fattening me up! It was good to see friends and family again – apologies to those I didn’t get around to. Thanks to CMC for the free labour on my bike, and thanks to my sister Olga for funding the rest of “Old Saartjie’s” needs (parts). Thanks to Dave for lending me a motorbike, and for notifying Tabletalk about the “aliens in town” (see photo of article). Thanks to West Coast AC for inviting me to give a presentation on club night, and thanks to all those individuals who gave donations (I bought a much-needed camera out of that money – now christened the “WC-Eye”). And of course, thanks to Leana for many things including the rather expensive airline ticket. Distances cycled since Bandung have been:- Cicalengka 46 km; Tasikmalaya 83 km; Tasik city 16 km; Cipatujah 75 km; Batukaras 77 km; and Pangandaran 36 km. Total distance cycled is 57 335 km.

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