Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Since my last report Leana and I have cycled Eastwards along the Southern tip of the Australian mainland towards Melbourne. We've had some less fortunate weather along the way, which made the going a bit slow (about 10 degrees C below normal for this time of year - cold rain and wind). However, there were some beautiful places, especially along the famed Great Ocean Road (12 Apostles rock formations, and other scenic spots). Unfortunately along the way I recieved the news that my Mom had passed away, and this afternoon Leana left (she flew back to SA). Now I'm heading for Sydney, and I have to be out of the country no later than 10 Nov (my sister has offered to pay for my escape flight). Distances cycled since my last report have been:- Coorong Nat Park 83 km; Robe 112 km; Millicent 81 km; Mount Gambier 53 km; Portland 106 km; Warrnambool 104 km; Port Campbell 71 km; Lavers Hill 52 km; Kennet River 72 km; Anglesea 56 km; Rosebud 80 km; and Melbourne 79 km. Total distance cycled in Australia since leaving Darwin on 13 August is 4 851 km. Total distance cycled since leaving Cape Town at the start of this journey is 65 358 km.


Squibbet Photography said...

Hi Ernest

So very sorry to hear the news of your mum - I hope you're doing okay?
Now it's onwards solo to Sydney, hey? The area around Mt Kosiuszko and Charlotte's Pass is awesome [it's a ski resort in winter]. There's a road all the way to the top of the mountain - don't know whether you can cycle up it tho'? Maybe hike to the top.

And also when you get to Sydney look up the Pittwater hostel, just north of Sydney. I remember staying here and not wanting to leave. It's the most amazing getaway spot, part of the Ku Ring Gai Reserve - just up your alley, away from civilisation and surrounded by possum, wallabees, Kukaburras, wild parrots - THE BEST PLACE.

PS: you need to get a Facebook account so we can follow you there too??? Take care on the road.

Janet [Meridian]

Happiness said...

Hello Ernest,

I have been following you both through Leana on Facebook.

Sorry about your Mum. Hope you are OK.

I just wanted to say that you can almost certainly extend your visa if you want to stay in Australia longer. You probably already know it, but it doesn't hurt to put it out there.

Anonymous said...

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