Sunday, 21 November 2010


I was rather pleased when my jetlagged internal clock managed to set itself, and I could head out from Santiago through Chile towards the Southern tip of the continent. Once beyond the city limits I was allowed to cycle on Route 5 (the Pan American highway)which runs almost the whole length of this narrow country. For 4 days I was fortunate with the weather (although there was a constant breeze from the front), and I enjoyed the scenery of vineyards and green fields agains the backdrop of the magnificent Andes. Then El Ninjo struck again, and now I´m back in the cold and wet which I hoped had remained behind in Australia. Since Santiago I´ve been camping at the roadside, so the rain was enough of an excuse to stay over in a hostel today (do some laundry, have a shower, do this internet thing, and rest my backside). The city of Temuco where I´m resting, is quite a bustling place, and I´ve found it interesting walking around the markets and watching the people ("watch" is about all I can do right now, as I´m still trying very hard to "swallow" the English/Spanish dictionary which I bought in Santiago). Even working on the internet takes longer than usual, as the conputers speak Spanish and I have to use the dictionary quite a lot to ensure that I don´t give wrong commands! So far I´ve found that things in Chile are not dirt cheap (similar to South Africa), but it is still a hell-of-a-lot more affordable than Australia. I´m a bit concerned about the Andes and Patagonia which still lie ahead of me, so today I invested in a decent rainjacket-thingy, better safe than sorry I suppose. Distances cycled since Santiago have been:- Rengo 122 km; Talca 154 km; Chillan 149 km; Los Angeles 122 km; Lautaro 124 km; and Temuco 30 km. Total on this journey since leaving Cape Town is 67 197 km.


Anonymous said...

Ernest, my goodness!!! You just don't stop amazing us. Every now and again we remember to check up where you are and find out that it is yet another continent that you are conquering. It is JUST AMAZING that your adventure has taken you this far. It's truly inspirational to read about your trip. Our family has grown with two boys (first one now almost 2 and second one 1 month) since we met in Malawi (Nkhata Bay and Zomba Plateau). Take care and may your journey continue to many more new and exciting places;-)!!! Greetings from Helsinki (minus 10 degrees and LOTS of snow), Lotta & Craig

Squibbet Photography said...

I see you're cycling southwards and Leana is cycling northwards. Have you planned to meet, bump into each other somewhere?? Judging from what Leana has said on her blog and Facebook it's endless gale force headwinds the more south you are!!! Maybe you'll have them behind you!

The Andes range is so incredibly awesome and am looking forward to all the upcoming updates and pics.

Take care out there.