Thursday, 28 August 2014


I headed North out of Chengdu fairly comfortably, and for the next 2 days I was in the Northern Sichuan valleys cycling through what seemed like and endless city. Then I suddenly got to the mountains, and the built-up areas came to an abrupt halt.
After leaving Chengdu to the North my daily distances were as follows:- Deyang 91 km; Jiang You 97 km; Shi Yuan 84 km; Blind Valley 43 km; Pam Bridge 75 km; Gansu border town 37 km; Gansu Jie 45 km; Construction camp 32 km; Pepang 32 km; Majiapa 52 km; Wudu district 43 km; Riverside town 60 km; Chongquing district 54 km; Weichang district 77 km; River camp 62 km; Road village 61 km; Farmer depot 61 km; and Lanshou 70 km. Total distance so far is 123 334 km.

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