Monday, 6 October 2014


Hello, I'm back in the on-line world again (although it be from internet cafe's). I had to leave China after 2 months (was hoping for 3 months but couldn't get the 3rd extention). So instead of going all the way through China to the N-West, I had to make a difficult decision. I turned around in the central-West and I went back South, crossing the border back into Laos on the afternoon of the day which my Chinese visa expired. Because I could not access my blog while in China, I now have my work cut out for me (hundreds of pics to sift through, and a number of post updates to complete). So, please bear with me if it takes a while for me to get this blog up to date - hopefully I can do that at the internet cafe's here in Laos within the next week or 2. Yes, I have to make use of public internet, as my computer was stolen a few months ago in Thailand (for the 2nd and final time!).

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jimfrogsbikeride said...

Ernesto I see you are still traveling around on your bike. I finished my ride around the U.S. then rode down to Panama. I wanted to go to Argentina but family issues made me return to the U.S. In a few weeks I am heading to New Zealand to ride around both islands then over to ride around Australia. You are still an inspiration for me and a goal to try to catch. But if you never stop how am I ever going to catch up to you? Enjoy life! PURAVIDA paparoach