Friday, 10 July 2015


Here I am, once again in Vientiane, the capital of Laos. Similar to last year it was a charge North from Bangkok, and I crossed the border a day or 2 before my Thai visa expired. It was so much of the "same old route" that I only realised afterwards I did not take any pics. At least this time (unlike last year) I did not have my computer, or anything else, stolen along the way. Also, to save some time and effort, I jumped the gun and took the train to Ayuttaya.
There doesn't seem to be much new to photograph in this city, but I've stuck on some pics anyway. At least I have obtained my China visa here again, and will be heading in that direction shortly. I will probably not be able to update my blog from there (as in the past), but there are ways and means and hopefully I can get access to that.
Distances cycled since Bangkok have been:- Ayuttaya (+ train) 12 km; Pakchong 109 km; Nakhon Rachasima 121 km; Temple Camp 124 km; Kong Kaen 120 km; Truck Stop 65 km; Nonh Khai 59 km; and Vientiane 28 km. Total distance is 129 472 km.

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