Monday, 26 March 2007


The obvious question is: "Will this contraption fly?" Another question may be: "Where does the pilot sit?"

Anyway, I thought I'd just illustrate why I may not be at the starting point on time (if I ever make the 2 k's there). Just to add to the excitement, there is a howling SE wind (incidentally the direction I intend to go). I hope you all have a good day tomorrow as well.
I'll probably be leaving on my own tomorrow, as Leana still has some business to do tomorrow (she should join me tomorrow night - does this have something to do with the wind?).


Sue Macquet said...
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Sue Macquet said...

Hey guys, it was a thrill to see you off. You both set fine examples for those who contemplate setting goals. I shall follow your travels closely and wish you well all the way.

santie said...

Good luck! Hou al my duime vas dat dit 'n voorspoedige en onvergeetlike ervaring sal wees (en dat jy nie voor volgende week weer by die huis sal wees nie - hiehie).