Monday, 9 April 2007


Being constantly accompanied by an object (such as my bike), one may start to personify that object. I'm convinced my bike has a distinct personality (similar to the cart-donkey in a TV ad some time ago). Therefore I often have to coakes her with the phrase "kom nou Saartjie!". Some days I find Saartjie quite keen to hit the road, and on other days she's rather stubborn and sluggish. I can't really blame her for dragging her feet on the uphills (considering the heavy load). On the contrary old Saartjie is undoubtedly a downhill runner, hauling anything she can spot ahead. Coming down the Kaaimans River Pass she was pushing hard behind a car, and would have overtaken if the road had been any wider. The 60km speed limit was convincingly exceeded, but I was concentrating too hard on the reigns to notice if the permanent speed camera flashed or not (just imagine the astonishment of the traffic official examining the film!). By the way, in the process we also crossed the first (provincial) border.

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