Monday, 16 April 2007


Accommodation on this trip so far has been mainly camping in our tents, but there have been some interesting variations. At Colchester we arrived ahead of a mean storm, so we booked into a self catering unit to avoid the weather for the night. On Saturday night we couldn't make Cradock before dark, so we stayed in a guest cottage on a farm along the road (sorry, I forgot the name of the farm again). The cost was almost the same as camping, and breakfast was supplied as well! Even some of the camp sites have been interesting. The Paterson Caravan Park is in the back garden of George and Helen, where we were the only guests and camped amongst their geese. At Middleton the old railway station and Inn have been restored as a resort, staffed by rehabilitated drug addicts on their way back into society. Further considerations regarding accommodation are facilities for washing clothes, so thanks to Mark and Riekie in J-Bay for doing our clothes (your washing machine won't be the same again), and for giving us supper as well.

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Lois said...

Hi Ernst & Leanna
It was great to get your phone call from Cradock.
Lots of memories!
Remember to contact Sarah when in Durban