Tuesday, 15 January 2008


I don't want to keep harping on about the wind, so I'll just mention that it made the going up the Red Sea / Suez Channel coast quite tough (both on the road and when we camped). Along the way we met the 2008 Tour D'Afrique enjoying the tail wind on their 2nd day to Cape Town (Leana did the "Tour" in 2005). However, once we'd turned away from the coast the wind helped us down the new toll highway towards Cairo. Arriving at the city limits around 16h00 meant that we had a rather hair-raising trip in the chaotic peak-time traffic, arriving downtown after dark. For me there is a sense of achievement, having reached my 1st tentative goal since leaving Cape Town on 27 March last year (no photo's of pyramids yet - there are other priorities). We are unsure of our route from here as a lot depends on visa's (there are a number of options). In the mean time we will be resting, and exploring this large and interesting city for at least the next few days. Distances since Hurghada were:- Sukheir 106 km; Ras Gharib 52 km; Amba Bola 72 km; Zafarana 40 km; Ain Sukhna 84 km; and Cairo 128 km.

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Dave & Des said...

Hi Ernest

It's great to hear that you have made it to Cairo! We often thought about you while we were travelling in Ethiopia. Most commonly, "I'm glad I'm not on a bike like Ernest with all these people and animals on the road". We have made it back to Joburg and are really missing being on the road.

Dave and Des
(Old blue Landy at Jungle Junction)