Thursday, 24 January 2008


Much of the week we stayed in Cairo was spent following the tracks of the pharoahs. That included day trips to Giza (Sphinx & Great Pyramids), Saqqara (Stepped Pyramid - the oldest), and Dashour (Red Pyramid & Bent Pyramid). We also visited the Cairo Museum which houses many of the treasures and artifacts, as well as mummies found at the pyramids and other burial sites. While we were using more conventional forms of transport our weary bikes (Old Saartjie and Fuloose) were recovering in the room of our budget hotel in downtown Cairo. After all the lazing about, drinking (Stella & chai), and eating (felafel, swarma, foul, & sweet dessert), we had to get on the road again. We have since cycled on to Alexandria, a pleasant (non-touristy) city on the Meditteranean coast. On our way out of Cairo we again passed Giza (photo). Obtaining Euro visa's from here is proving to be a bit of a problem, so we plan to move East to Sinai, via Suez. Later we will probably proceed towards Jordan and other Middle Eastern countries. Distances since Cairo were:- Sadat City 122 km; Amriah 97 km; and Alexandria 42 km.


christiaan said...

Hi Julle

Al skryf ek maar min geniet ek julle avontuur baie. Die Afrika trippie is dan so te se iets van die verlede.
Hoe voel die bene en boude... seker ingeloop!?

Geniet die ervaring en hou ons op datum.


David Gassner said...

Hi Ernest and Leana,

Congratulations on getting to the top of the continent. I have enjoyed the read and will follow your trip as you progress, makes me very envious. Wild coast pales into insignificance !!

All the best.

David Gassner