Saturday, 4 August 2012


From the tropical Carribean island of Roatan, Leana and I took the fast ferry back to the mainland of Honduras. We again stayed over in the nice economical hotel in La Ceiba, where we had been before the island trip. Although we seek out the budget backpacker-type accommodation, our last day on Roatan Island brought us face-to-face with cruise-ship extravagance. We snorkeled off the spectacular beach at West Bay (where hundreds of cruise-ship passengers were spending the day trampling on the shallow coral), and when we left the island on the following day a huge cruise ship was overshadowing the cove from where our ferry departed. From La Cieba we cycled to another Caribbean coastal town, Tela (not a bad local place, actually quite intesting with nice long beaches, and crazy markets). From there we cycled along via the second city of Honduras (the relatively modern industrial city of San Pedro Sula). From there it was a climb up into the mountains, up, up, and over to the famous Maya ruins at Copan. We´ve checked out the archaeological site, as well as the historic town(where the streets are paved with large awkward cobblestones - not suited to bicycles!). In fact the front wheel rim on my bike was damaged, probably as much due to wear-and-tear as the stones (so I'll be re-spoking a wheel for about the millionth time on this trip). Here in Copan we are only about 10 km from the Guatemala border, our next destination. Daily distances cycled since my last report have been:- La Ceiba (+1.5hr ferry) 32 km; Tela 104 km; San Pedro Sula 98 km; Quimistan 63 km; La Entrada 55 km; Copan Ruinas 66 km. The total distance which I have cycled since the start of this journey is 96 605 km, and the approximate total in Honduras is 1 130 km.

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