Thursday, 17 January 2013


The Baja California peninsula hangs down from the USA along the North-West coast of Mexico. In my previous report I mentioned that Leana and I had taken the ferry from Guaymas on the mainland to Santa Rosalia on the peninsula. We still had plenty of time on our Mexican visas, so we decided to avoid the cold weather to the North, and first head South on the peninsula before returning for the Northern border later. As we proceeded down Baja, we came across the wonderful Bahia Conception, with various little beaches where one can camp.
This area is very popular with visitors from North of the border who come down here with their RV's and trailers for the winter. The calm clear waters are excellent for kayaking and fishing. We camped at one of these beaches, where Canadian Gordo took me out fishing, and afterwards he and wife Gwen invited us around to savour the catch.
The peninsula seems to be mostly semi-desert, and the rocky hills are covered in cactus.
There were also some interesting towns such as Muleje and the historic Loreto, as well as the start of tourist developments such as Puerto Escondido.
One morning we met San Diego photographer Manny and his partner, and he took some rare pics of both of us together which he mailed later, thanks.
Although we were heading South, the weather gradually became colder, especially at night. Even during the day the "light travelling" Leana was sometimes wearing just about everything she had.
However, the dusty deserty breeze across the peninsula made for some spectacular sunsets, and also wonderful sunrises.
We went as far South as the city of La Paz, where we relaxed for a couple of days. Leana got me a nice sleeping bag and some warm clothes (I've been a bit ragged since that stuff was stolen in Costa Rica). Along the way we met a number of cyclists, including Canadians Patrick and Kevin, a bunch of Alaskans heading to South America, and Germans Simone and Daniel with whom we shared a camp site. Then, instead of returning North along the peninsula to the USA border and California, we took the ferry from La Paz back across to the mainland at Mochis. Unfortunately, in the 3 weeks that we were away, the temperature there had also dropped, and the wind had picked up. So, recycling takes on a new meaning as we peddal the same road as before, and during the day the freezing breeze increases about in direct proportion to our waning strenth. Now we are in Ciudad Obregon again, heading North towards the USA and Arizona. However, before we get there we will have to endure some lonely stretches of desert and cold winds.
Daily distances cycled since my previous report have been:- Muleje 65 km; Bahia Concepcion 31 km; Loreto 115 km; Puerto Escondido 33 km; CD Insurgentes 98 km; CD Constitucion 26 km; El Ciento Vientyocho 89 km; La Paz BCS 128 km; Topolobampo 23 km (including 7hr ferry); Los Mochis 28 km; Ahome 28 km; Diaz Ordaz 62 km; Navojoa 106 km; and CD Obregon 76 km. The total distance cycled in Mexico so far is 6 275 km, and the total distance which I've cycled on this trip is 103 820 km.

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