Wednesday, 6 February 2013


After my last update from Obregon, Leana and I slowly headed North through this arid region of Mexico. We turned down to the coastal resort of San Carlos, where we camped for a few days in the RV park. Our tents looked small amongst all the huge RV´s and trailers, mostly inhabited by “Snowbirds” from the USA and Canada who “fly” South for the winter.
Further along we spent some time in another RV park at the more down-scale Kino. Along the way we found ourselves somewhere in the desert by sunset, but it was easy to move away from the road and camp to the sound of jackals in the night.
We spent a day or 2 in the city of Hermosillo, where we did some laundry and I could replace my front brakes which broke on the way into town.
Further North we passed some more interesting towns such as Santa Ana and the historic Magdalena De Kino, where the remains of the renowned missionary Padre Kino are on display. We arrived at the Nogales border rather sooner than we would have preferred, as the weather was becoming colder the further North we moved. But we were there, so we crossed into the USA anyway.
As it is, some of the larger towns along the last part of our journey through Mexico were somewhat USA-like, with strips of franchise hotels and fast-food joints. Distances cycled in Mexico since CD Obregon were:- Vikam (2nd time) 53 km; San Carlos (new ground) 101 km; San Carlos mirador 23 km; Santa Eduwiges 101 km; Bahia Kino 97 km; Nuevo Kino 15 km; Miguel Aleman 54 km; Hermosillo 65 km; La Oasis 77 km; Santa Ana 101 km; Magdalena De Kino 22 km; Nogales (USA border) 97 km. The total distance cycled in Mexico is 7 081 km. Total for the entire trip is 104 626 km.

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