Monday, 18 January 2016


Been back in south Florida since December, at Paradise Farm once again. Will update later. In the mean time please see the previous post, as eventually I have put on some pics! Distances cycled on my final stint in Asia in 2015 are as follows:- From Chiang Khong on the Mekon in NW Thailand to Yuan Hom 55 km; Taha Ngam 55 km; Charoen Moean 62 km; Payo 67 km; Temple camp 75 km; Lamphang 61 km; Thoen 109 km; Hill Temple 98 km; Mae Sot 106 km; Tak 90 km; Sukhothai 95 km; Utteradit 123 km; Phitsanulok 109 km; Nakhon Sawan 140 km; Chayo 125 km; Ayuttaya 66 km; Pai Kwang 103 km; and Kanchanaburi 57 km. Total to this point is 134 041 km. But there is more! From Kanchanaburi to Samut Sakhon 81 km; Ban Pli 84 km; Pattya 99 km; Outskirts temple 80 km; Bangkok 51 km; Phitsanulok (train) 8 km; Sukhothai 67 km; Tak 82 km; Wang Chao 93 km; Kamphaeng Phet 67 km; Ban Khong Wiat 66 km; Uthai Thani 75 km; Chai Nat 81 km; Suphan Thani 91 km; U-Thong 77 km; and Kanchanaburi (again) 59 km. Total to this point is 135 202 km. Next days cycle was to Phetshaburi 69 km; Cha-Am 71 km; Hua Hin 31 km; and Bangkok (train) 12 km. Total cycled up to end 2015 is 135 385 km. I have had some requests (mostly from cyclists) to post a bigger version of my route map. Well, here it is, but I am no longer in the far East, I am in Florida USA. Good luck trying to figure out where that map leads, it is probably more of a maze!


Kos en Kuns Kafee said...

Sjoe, bly jy's oukei. Was bekommerd oor jou omdat jy so lanklaas gepost het. X

Linda Stuart said...

Hey Ernest,

This is Mike and Linda - we met you last year at Paradise Farms. Sounds like you had a good year after you left the farm. Where do you plan to go this year? Since we last saw you we've traveled through a lot of the US and Mexico. Next week we'll head into Belize and then Guatemala the following week.

Hope you're doing well and that your time at the farm is not too difficult.

Take care,

Bike store Stellenbosch said...

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