Monday, 29 February 2016


OK, I have been back on the Paradise farm in South Florida since December, so it is probably time to post a few pictures. I have been taking care of B&B guests as before, as well as looking after a host of Warmshowers touring cyclists. The pictures below are from around the farm, and the people in the pictures are mostly touring cyclists from the USA and all over the world (Russia, France, Canada, etc.).
At some stage my hair and beard started to irritate me, so I decided to shave it all off. It was then that I discovered that I have a rather lumpy skull, so now I am letting my hair grow a bit again.
Then there have been friends camping here as well, such as Keith and Carissa who come to visit every year.
Also, Germans Fred and Ludia and their two little girls (Lotte and Malea) have been camping here for a number of weeks while helping out on the farm. Sadly they leave tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Wow! What a wonderful time!! It means a lot to us, that we could share this time on the farm together with you!! One day in Germany, we will give you a warmshower at least... ;)
There will be always an open door for you!
Love and greetings
Fred, Lyd, Malea & Lotte

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