Saturday, 27 January 2018


Well then, I won't mince words. I have a new horse (bicycle). Old Saartjie has "HIT THE FAN". It worked out too expensive to replace all the parts needed to get the Poor Old Nag up to standard. However, She served me well, clocking up over 150 000 km in almost eleven years.
Thanks to a GOOD SAMARITAN who took pity on this poor bedraggled traveler, I thankfully now have a new (2nd hand) bicycle. No name yet, so let's just call it "The Horse" for now. It is time for me to get on the road again, now still at Leana's place in Pattaya. Good bye till next time.

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Anonymous said...

It will sad to hear the name Saartjie replaced. But I suppose the old must make way for the new; "Pannee" is a possibility or maybe it is time to celebrate "Olga". My vote goes for Olga. Blessings. From Marius.