Friday, 5 January 2018


Yeah, Yes, Ja, OK. I will get around to the update. For the time being I am struggling to figure out how to repair my old horse, Saartjie. Pretty much everything is now broken or worn very close to broken. I intend to be on the road for a while still, so it will be a challenge to get the bike in shape. Fortunately (for those who may be concerned), my physical health is good. Unfortunately there were things which I had to do, and after almost 2 years I left Pannee on Xmas day (so emotionally I may be a bit vulnerable right now).
It took me some time on my cranky old heavily loaded bike, but I made it to Leana's apartment in Pattaya. She is away, but has graciously offered for me to stay here a while. The first rest I've had in a long time and fortunately a place for me to try and sort bike problems (and YES, update this blog). Thanks again to my sister Olga for her continued financial (and moral) support.

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